Ethical Standards

In order to implement ethical standards at the highest level, the procedures recommended by the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics)  were implemented in the Advances in Mechanical and Materials Engineering journal.

All data collected in the publishing process are compliant with the RODO 2018 information clause.


Ghostwriting and guest authorship firewall

To prevent misconduct in science (ghostwriting, guest authorship), the Editorial Board of the Advances in Mechanical and Materials Engineering journal has introduced appropriate procedures specific to the disciplines represented and has taken the following measures:

  1. The editors will require the contributions from the authors in the creation of the article (with their affiliation and the following information: who the author of the concept is, objectives, research, etc.); the primary responsibility will be borne by the person submitting the article.
  2. The editors will explain the concept of ghostwriting and guest authorship to the authors, which are a manifestation of scientific misconduct, and any detected cases of this type of action on the part of the authors will be revealed, including the notification of the appropriate bodies.
  3. The editors will obtain information about the sources of publications funding, contribution to research institutions and other bodies (financial disclosure).
  4. The editors will document all forms of scientific misconduct, especially breaking the rules of conduct obligatory in science.

Conflict of interest

There must be no conflict of interest between reviewers and article authors. Conflict of interest is considered to be the direct personal relationship between the reviewer and the author (in particular, relationship to the second degree and marriage), professional dependency relations or direct scientific cooperation during the last two years preceding the year of the review preparation. Each reviewer and reviewer submits the reviewer's declaration of no conflict of interest. The reviewer is obliged to inform the editorial office of the Advances in Mechanical and Materials Engineering journal about the occurrence of a conflict of interest.