The exhaust system of the conical diffuser type of a radial compressor
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radial compressor
discharge duct
cone diffuser


The conical diffuser is the discharge system of the flow channel of the radial compressor, which carries the medium to the discharge lines. The paper presents a method of determining the parameters of the stream in the outlet section of the outlet system of a radial compressor. The analysis includes a cone-type exhaust system. An appropriate method of determining the geometrical parameters for this type of exhaust duct is also presented. The mentioned method can be used during the implementation of the compressor conceptual design, and is based on the energy conservation equation, the flow continuity equation, the first and second law of thermodynamics, as well as gas-dynamic functions and definitions used in the theory of rotor machines. The final part of the work includes parameters determining the quality of the conical diffuser operation and conclusions.

PDF (Język Polski)