The influence of interrupting the brazing process of hastelloy X superalloy on the properties of the joint


vacuum brazing
Hastelloy X
nickel superalloy


In this paper, disruption of brazing process impact on behavior of filler metal and properties of the joint was investigated. Hastelloy X sheet samples were brazed using Ni-13Cr-4Fe-4Si-2,7B filler alloy. Two identical sets of samples were heated in high vacuum, once load reached specified temperature process was interrupted. Subsequently, one set of samples was tested and second set was subjected to rebrazing in proper time and temperature, dedicated for used filler material. Disruption of the process in following temperature was analyzed: 930, 960, 1050, 1127, 1145, 1170°C. After both processes macroscopic observations of joint, peel test, static tensile test and spreadability analysis were carried out.