Mission Statement


" Rzeszow University of Technology Journal of Mechanics " is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with a tradition dating back nearly 50 years (1973). Invariably, since its inception, the editorial team has paid great attention to the quality of the published scientific articles. The aim of the journal is to advance science in the fields of mechanical engineering, materials engineering, civil and transport engineering and manufacturing engineering. Hence, the results of original research papers are published, both theoretical and experimental, which address issues related to new technologies, materials, construction solutions, as well as original research methods.

The journal is interested in promoting the latest developments in the field of engineering sciences, hence issues strictly related to mechanics are published, i.e. theory and practice of elasticity, fracture mechanics, fatigue phenomena. An important area of focus for the journal is materials science with a particular emphasis on metals and composite materials, with papers published on issues related to the description of their structure and properties as well as original methods for their evaluation.

In the year 2022, the journal Rzeszow University of Technology Journal of Mechanics will undergo significant organisational and image changes aimed at streamlining the publishing process, hence the change of the publishing formula from the previous traditional journal in the annual version to the continuous publishing mode. articles accepted by the Editor-in-Chief are published online on an ongoing basis, subjected to a thorough review by an international team of reviewers. It is the intention of the editorial team that the streamlining of the publication cycle should contribute to its status as a platform for the exchange of views in the above-mentioned scientific disciplines, aimed at academics as well as engineering staff of manufacturing companies. The role of the journal is to be an effective forum that is a vehicle for the latest technological, material and design solutions, leading to greater cooperation between academics and the business community. From a purely academic point of view, an efficient and short-lived publishing cycle contributes to facilitating the scientific development of university staff, including young researchers.

In addition to the high quality of the published scientific papers, it is a priority for the editorial team to ensure the highest ethical standards, hence the special attention to the integrity of each stage of the publishing process.

" Rzeszow University of Technology Journal of Mechanics " is the official journal of the Rzeszów University of Technology and is published by the Publishing Office of the University.