Humanities and Social Sciences

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Tom 25 Nr 2 (2020)
Opublikowano: czerwca 30, 2020
Kwiecień - Czerwiec

We are giving you the next 27th (2/2020) issue of the Scientific Journal of the Faculty
of Management at the Rzeszow University of Technology entitled “Humanities and Social
The aim of the Publisher is to raise the merits and the international position of the
quarterly published by the Faculty of Management, that is why we are still developing the
cooperation with foreign team of reviewers, as well as an international Scientific Council.
The Editors have also attempted to apply for international databases; currently the
quarterly HSS is indexed in Index Copernicus Journal Master List, The Central
European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (CEJSH) and ERIH PLUS.
The Journal has been also included in the list of projects qualified for funding under
the “Support for scientific magazines program”.
The articles published in this publication are devoted to the broader issues of the
humanities and social sciences. They are the result both of theoretical and empirical
research. The subjects covered vary considerably and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of
the Journal. We do hope that the papers published will meet your kind interest and will be
an inspiration to further research and fruitful discussions.
On behalf of the Editorial Board of “Humanities and Social Sciences” we would like
to thank the Authors for sending the outcomes of their research. We would like to express
particular gratitude to the Reviewers for their valuable feedback that greatly contributed to
increasing values of the scientific publications.

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