The Mańkowski Chronicles, Andrzej Emeryk Mańkowski, “ASPRA” Publishing House


Andrzej Emeryk Mańkowski, a graduate of the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of the Faculty of History at the University of Warsaw has published a monumental monographic source of his family2. The Mańkowski Chronicles published three years ago is “an attempt to take a panoramic view of the history of the Mańkowski family in the Podillia and the Greater Poland, inscribed in the fate of Poland over the last three centuries”. It should be strongly emphasized that the publication is a fully successful work, and the term the “attempt” results only from the modesty of the author. Andrzej Emeryk Mańkowski is an experienced researcher of historical con- sciousness, national and ethnic identity, as well as the issues related to genealogy. He has a number of publications in his scientific output.