HSS-okładka-30-2023-04 - part I


individual safety
family mediation
mediation proceedings


This article attempts to scientifically examine issues related to the safety of a minor participating in family mediation. The main part aims to present the benefits of a minor’s participation in mediation, and to analyze the arguments against this. The study also aims to assess whether Polish regulations regarding family mediation are appropriate and sufficient for adequate protection of the safety and rights of minors in mediation proceedings. Is it necessary and justified for a minor to participate in mediation proceedings to end a family dispute? When making decisions in this regard, not only is the age of the minor important, but also the fact that minors, due to their physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual immaturity, require special protection and treatment. For this reason, the article also describes the role the mediator should play in guaranteeing the minor’s rights, while satisfying their need for security in the family.


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