Storage of goods in a large scale retail company




In large scale retail companies, storage of goods is very important in the structure of performed logistic processes. That process has an auxiliary function, supporting the sales activities. Stocks are kept both in the warehouse and in the commercial area. Fresh and dry food products, as well as household goods, are stored in the same facilities. Consequently, there are various needs when it comes to ensuring proper warehousing conditions.

The analysis of literature indicates the lack of general and detailed studies regarding the concept and structure of relevant organisations as well as characteristics of the performed logistic processes. The presented contents do not comprise the subjective, objective or functional specificity of retail.

This paper aims at systematisation and extending the knowledge concerning the structure and course of warehousing in large scale retail companies. The study will allow to explain the course of the warehousing process in the analysed companies, by defining its purpose, stages and tasks, assessment criteria, used documents and also persons in charge and those responsible for particular activities. The research method used in the study was observation. The technique of the study was observation of own management and organisational activity.


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