An analysis of sailors' confidence level in personal life-saving appliances and buoyancy AIDS


level of sailors' confidence in personal life-saving appliances
sailing tourism
water sports discipline


In the article, an attempt was made to determine the level of sailors' confidence in personal life-saving appliances and buoyancy aids when practising sports and recreational sailing at sea. The article presents results of the research conducted on a sample composed of 40 sea-going sailors aged 18+, who participated in the IX International Sailing Regatta Eljacht Cup 2018. The method used to carry out the research was the method of a diagnostic survey. The applied research technique consisted of a questionnaire. As the conducted research has shown, in Poland, this sport is more popular among men than women. The vast majority of sailors have received higher education. The majority of people who enjoy sailing live in cities ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 inhabitants.

Sailing as a water sports discipline is becoming an activity which is relatively easy to be taken up by women as well as men of all ages. In Poland, the model of sailing tourism itself has undergone significant transformations over the last two decades. The reason for these changes is an increase in the society's affluence. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, sailing was still an activity that was quite an elite sport and was practised as part of sailing clubs. Nowadays on the commercial market, there are companies that specialize in yacht charter and are ready to make their vessels available on any water and during any season. The number of private ship owners is also on the rise. Yacht crews are obliged to follow many procedures once they board the vessel. Safety on the yacht is the most important factor. Without going into details, it depends on the way a vessel has been constructed and how it is equipped, the qualifications and training of its crew, as well as the observance of good seamanship. Good seamanship – “good seamanship is: the whole of written and, especially, unwritten general recommendations for conduct, which may be considered the embodiment of a sailor's common” (Monsarrat, 1988).


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