Aims & Scope

The scope of the journal includes: designing assembly technological processes, assembly systems, pre-assembly and post-assembly operations, constructions and connection technologies, tools and instrumentation, steering and control, relocation and orientation.

The main issues presented by the TiAM quarterly include, but are not limited:

  • Dispensers and dosing of loose and liquid materials.
  • Packages and packaging and labelling of packages.
  • Techniques and technologies for joining small and larger elements.
  • Quality control of the obtained connections.
  • Assembly of subassemblies, assemblies and final products.
  • Assembly processes in service and maintenance works.
  • Assembly processes in modernization and reconstruction works.
  • Robotization, automation and computerization of assembly processes.
  • Ensuring the quality and reliability of assembly connections.
  • Organization, standardization and economization of assembly processes.
  • Provision of staff for the implementation of assembly processes.
  • Modern methods and technologies supporting the planning and implementation of assembly processes.
  • Production of parts for assembly.
  • Production scheduling.
  • Reliability and maintenance of machines and assembly systems.
  • Construction and problems in the production of complex products.
  • Theoretical issues on the functioning of assembly systems.