Use of augmented reality for small parts assisted assembly


AR application
assisted assembly
architecture of application

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Jozef, H., Stella, H., & Lucia, K. (2023). Use of augmented reality for small parts assisted assembly. Technologia I Automatyzacja Montażu (Assembly Techniques and Technologies), 121(3), 27-33.


The use of augmented reality (AR) for assisted assembly of small parts remains a current and dynamically developing issue in industry and the technology sector. Because AR technologies and related applications are constantly advancing, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to this topic. This article provides a simplified view of software application design and architecture. We are focusing on a 45mm x 45mm x 42mm component consisting of 42 parts. In the article, we gradually show how to properly create an application with a main, and working environment in which we can create animations from a database of 3D models. In the end, we performed a product assembly test with and without the use of the AR application, for one piece and a production batch. In conclusion, we can state that the applications have an impact on the training of the workforce and the ways through which new workers are prepared to work in an industrial environment. Improved education and training programs based on AR can help integrate new workers into production processes faster and more efficiently. Considering these perspectives and the dynamics of the AR technologies development, our article raises awareness of current trends and innovations in this field, as it can have a significant impact on the efficiency and competitiveness of various industries.


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