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photovoltaic installation
micro installation
LV distribution network operation status
voltage peaks
voltage peaks power generation


The article presents the results of measurements related to the impact of photovoltaic installations on the operation of the LV distribution network. At the beginning, the article discusses the issues related to spikes and dips in voltage generated by the beginning of the procedure of feeding electricity produced by photovoltaic installations into the network. It presents the orders of values of spikes and voltages in the distribution network. Next, the PST and PLT indicators that negatively affect the comfort of the consumer are presented. In the next section, multiphase RVC, that is, rapid changes in supply voltage values, is presented. In this section, the frequency of occurrence and the values of voltages at rapid changes of the voltage are presented. The last section deals with the issue of multiphase interruptions. In doing so, it is presented and discussed how they adversely affect household appliances. In order to collect data from the analyzers, the SONEL PQM-702 network analyzer installed on the object was used, which allowed to collect a large number of measurement values. Thanks to the collected data, it was possible to determine many values of voltages and currents, real-time behavior of the network, as well as the number of events that occurred both on the consumer side and on the distribution network. This allowed to show the real impact of photovoltaic installations on the distribution network. This analysis also allowed us to determine the frequency of anomalies in the production of electricity by the photovoltaic installation and the simultaneous extraction of electricity from the grid. With the measurement results obtained, it was possible to determine the impact of the micro-installation on the grid. The paper ends with a collection of conclusions from the analysis and a summary.
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