inductor design
magnetics elements
copper losses


Magnetics devices are an important part of every power electronics converter. Always, the realisation of the magnetic elements must be connected with the converter design. The power electronics devices projects include models and design the converter, and models and design the magnetics elements too. The describes design of magnetics parts for power electronics converters is the topic of this article. In this paper, basic theory is reviewed, including magnetic circuits equation and  inductor modelling. Power losses in winding conductors ae also important. This can lead to copper losses significantly in excess of the value predicted by the dc winding resistance. The "skin effect" and the "proximity effect" are most pronounced in high-current conductors of multilayer windings, particularly in high-frequency converters. This article explains and provides practical methods to compute these losses. The aim of the paper comprise calculation of magnetic devices, their losses, and design of magnetic devices for power electronics converters.


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