Our review policy assumes that once the paper is delivered through the submission system it is forwarded to reviewers within two weeks and they have no more than three weeks to prepare their review. This procedure ensures that the whole decision-making process of should be finalised within 45 days. All submitted papers are reviewed by at least two reviewers and we use a singleblind review policy.

To evaluate each article, thematic (scientific) editors appoint two independent reviewers from outside the research unit affiliated by the author of the article.

In the case of articles written in foreign languages, at least one of the reviewers is affiliated with a foreign institution other than the nationality of the author of the article.

Thematic (scientific) editors select the most competent reviewers in a given field.

There is no conflict of interest between reviewers and authors of articles; if necessary, the reviewer signs a declaration of no conflict of interest.

The review procedure is confidential - the authors do not know reviewers' identities single-blind review process).

Each review is in writing and depending on the reviewers’ comments the final decision can be:

  • Rejected – there is no possibility of resubmission,
  • Major revisions required – author(s) is/are requested to revise their papers according to reviewers’ suggestions and then resubmit the paper; this option is taken when there are required some substantial changes,
  • Minor revisions required – author(s) is/are requested to implement some minor changes according to reviewers’ or Editors’ suggestions and then resubmit the paper; this option is taken when there are required some minor changes mostly related to text formatting,
  • Accepted – this decision is taken when author(s) fulfilled all required reviewers’ comments (they accept the paper for publication) and fulfilled all necessary editing requirements.

Reviews that do not meet the substantive and formal requirements are not accepted.

The article initially qualified for publication is sent to the reviewers who comment on its acceptance or rejection.

Reviewers have the right to re-verify the corrected text.

In cases of dispute, additional reviewers are appointed.

The reviewers' comments are forwarded to the author who is obliged to correct the text.

The final decision to qualify or reject an article is made by the editor-in-chief of the journal, consulting the members of the Editorial Committee.

The criteria for qualifying or rejecting the article are included in the review form.

The names of the cooperating reviewers will be given once a year - in the last issue of the journal, and also published on the journal's website (the names of the reviewers of individual publications or journal issues are not disclosed).