The procedure for reviewing research articles in Scientific Letters of Rzeszow University of Technology, Physics foe Economy, is in line with the recommendations of Ministry of Science and Higher Education developed as a booklet „Good practices in reviewing procedures in science”, Warsaw, 2011.

  1. To evaluate each article, thematic editors (scientific) appoint at least two independent reviewers, from the outside of the author’s institution. In case of  articles written in English , at least one reviewer is affiliated with a foreign institution other than the place of employment of the author(s) of the article
  2. Thematic editors (scientific) reviewers choose the best-qualified reviewers in the field.
  3. Between the reviewers and authors of the article there is no conflict of interest; if necessary, the reviewer signs a declaration of no conflict of interest.
  4. Reviewing procedure is done confidentially (single-blind review process).
  5. Each review shall be in writing and ends with a request for approval or rejection of the article for publication. The overall assessment is as follows: accept as is, accept after minor revision, accept after major revision (re-evalation is needed) and reject.
  6. Reviews that do not meet the substantive and procedural requirements are not accepted.
  7. Pre-qualified by the editor-in-chief paper is sent to reviewers who comment on its acceptance or rejection. Reviewers are entitled to re-examine the revised text.
  8. The condition for accepting a text for publication is two clearly positive reviews. In the case of diametrically different evaluation of the text by two reviewers, the editors may appoint a third reviewer.
  9. Reviewers’ remarks are transmitted to the author whose duty is to correct the text.
  10. The final decision to qualify or reject the article belongs to the editor-in-chief in consultation with the members of the Editorial Team.
  11. Eligibility or rejection criteria are included in the review form.
  12. The review is sent via a webpage of the Open Journal System (OJS) of the Rzeszow University of Technology – Journal of Mechanics.
  13. The names of the cooperative reviewers will be quoted once a year - in the last issue of the journal, and published on the website.
  14. Reviews of articles are prepared free of charge.
  15. Detailed information on reviewing articles and works. Proceedings of the papers and the Publishing House are described in the guidelines for authors of scientific papers.