Work Motivation,
Work Discipline
Work Performance

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Ismartaya, I., Safuan, S., Yulianingsih, Y., Budiandru, B., & Pangestu, A. R. (2021). THE INFLUENCE OF WORK MOTIVATION AND DISCIPLINE ON WORK ACHIEVEMENT THROUGH LEADERSHIP. Modern Management Review, 26(1), 19-27.


The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is an effect of motivation and work
discipline on employee performance based on the leadership of the employees of PDAM Tita
Pakuan Bogor City. The data collection technique used interviews and questionnaires, while
the sampling technique used non-probability sampling with a sample size of 85 people. The
results showed that motivation and work discipline had a positive and significant effect on
employee performance through leadership. This can be seen from the results of simple linear
regression analysis, multiple linear regression, t test, coefficient of determination test, single
test and path analysis. Leadership as an intervening variable mediates between motivation on
employee work performance which is partially mediated and leadership as an intervening
variable that mediates between motivations on employee work performance, both of which
are full mediation.


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